2020 has been one of a kind year for all of us. Congratulations to all the school/college students who have graduated and got various degrees in different fields. Keep soaring high, work hard toward your dreams, and wishing you success in all your future endeavors!


***Had penned a few words for a friend’s daughter’s college graduation dinner, trying to portray her personality in a few lines.
Sharing it….

XYZ, our dear XYZ
September 28th
You came into this world
Mom dad squealed swoopy de doo
Our angel is born
Dusky beauty
Big gleaming twinkling eyes
A ray of sunshine
With a radiant smile
Playful yet calm
Naughty yet serene
Gregarious yet aloof
Finicky and choosy
Dainty and tough
Sassy and chic
Classy and hip
Jazzy and oh, what a dapper she is
This young lady of ours
A Fashionista for sure
Luring her Louis Vuitton in the air
Forever ready to be in vogue
Polished and groovy
A heart full of compassion
Dedicated and persevering
Steadfast and relentless
Now that XYZ has made up her mind
No one can come in her line
Empathy sketched deeply in her core
Cottoned to her soul
Demure and collected
XYZ, you are always so cultivated
Dance like a ballerina
Spunky and vivacious like her favorite wine
Melodious like the sweet serenade twine
Always in harmony
Always in sync
Hand her a saucepan, spoon, and ladle
Magic in the kitchen to the optimum level
Nine-course elegant meal
Ready to hit the taste buds wheel
Balanced and brilliant to the core
Graduated with a computer science degree from SLO
How are you so accomplished yet so unassuming?
We all wonder!
Hold on to your dreams
Embrace this new chapter
Go above and beyond
Hold on to the sound of future
The world awaits you, dear XYZ
Dovelike and so mellow
Stay forever humble
Our wish for you
Is that if you ever stumble
Stand tall, never to fall
Remember that life is a celebration
A Bundled up package
For you to tread on!
Finally 10% action, 90%reaction
Your life mantra- do let us know why it gives you immense satisfaction!
Love, peace & blessings!

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