Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. (2)For years I have wondered what is Karmic Account exactly? How does it come in to play? When does it actually strike? Are we given any indications whatsoever? Growing older and with a few gray hair popping up, some sense has started to prevail now. A bond, a connection with someone who we may have had a past with will undoubtedly contribute to the karmic account. We may have met that individual only for a few minutes, but one bad act and that negative vibration can haunt us as our bad karma till eternity. Good energy, good vibes will create the positive karma ripple effect and we will be in a good place. We all are aware of the law, you reap what you sow but still falter. Human after all, but do we ever look back and try to correct our inadequacies? Do we believe in taking and giving second chances?

Folks we all are subject to err. No one is impeccable and fool proof. We all are flawed, with stains here and there on our soul and above all carry some element of baggage.

Aura is something I have always been drawn to like a magnet. Some souls have such a charismatic aura with a pure captivating effect. Is that a by product of all their good karmas bundled up together? What we put out in the universe comes back to us multi fold, no doubt about that. The good, the bad and the ugly all will have a karmic effect giving us either grief or solace. So why not pick up the good and fill up our karmic bank with positive affirmations. Why not train our mind to plant good seeds and have a prosperous harvest.

Two souls meet for a specific and concrete reason, it’s definitely not an accident. There is a recognition factor, energy is created, they unite, do their respective good or bad karmas and based on that either continue their journey or depart. In the end it is entirely up to us if we want to continue with a load on our chest and carry the burden over to our next birth. It is purely our choice and what we decide to do, either work towards a proper closure and forgiveness or be ready to add the caustic affect to our karmic bank. May not be easy but once the debt is cleared you are free from the emotional prison and can relish the nectar of the fruit.

With all the passing years, meeting people, learning from each experience I have realized I might as well stock pile harmony, good will and unanimity. Emit good vibes, harbor harmonious bonds and radiate one’s own magnetic frequency to the universe. Yes, karma is real, has no limitations, has a boomerang effect and when it plays it can bounce real hard. Hold no prejudices, let go of attachments to form or body, nourish your soul and remind yourself that you can be liberated once you settle your karmic account with an immaculate heart! Keep the balance sheet impeccable and release yourself from the chains of bondage. Make it loved based, allow the lessons learnt make your soul rise higher and let your life be an echo emanating virtuous energy.

Don’t hold yourself back, become a fierce caravan, control the situation in a affirmative way and full of self reliance. Create good KARMA for yourself and rest all will fall into place eventually!

Reminds me of the quote:

Sometimes the universe shows you what people from your past are doing now, so you can see how far you have grown. Those who were once a frequency match, are now energetically a million miles away. Evolution and growth is a beautiful thing – Quantum World, Awaken Your Mind

Love, peace and blessings!

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