” In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks “~ John Muir

My family and good friends know very well what an early morning walk means to me in my life. I was never an early bird but with time rather unknowingly my biological clock shifted and honestly I love being up at the crack of dawn! I am pretty much done with the early morning chores by 7:00 am, yes actually done! Sounds unbelievable but the 5:30 am alarm gets me going with super sonic rocket speed! I am all set with my gym clothes, headsets and a fully charged phone to listen to bhajans ( religious songs ) and more often Mere Sai ( a very popular religious show based on the life of an Indian saint ) on you tube, an attempt to add more spirituality into my thoughts! I am fully aware to some extent that it is dangerous walking with eyes staring at the phone trying to capture the scenes and dialogues.

Few months back I was chatting with a dear friend and she said, ” Monika when you go for a walk what do you listen to and why do you have headsets on” ? My simple response was that it gives me the momentum and helps me keep up my fast pace, in anticipation that I will run a marathon one day! Well, the answer to that comment was, ” Monika when you are amidst nature why hear the fake sounds, listen to real sounds, visualize what’s in front of your eyes physically and not on the screen”! Whoa! now that was a powerful one. This was the first time I heard such a striking and logical statement about benefits of walking! Lo and behold this Monday there were no headsets on my ears, only me and my fully charged phone again. The beaming golden sun smiling right back at me, chirping birds, shimmering water droplets on the leaves, the crisp fresh air making space in my lungs but what struck me the most were the trees. My walk got a bit disrupted, was like a stop and go as I started capturing images of different types of trees and was enamored by their diverse formations! I felt each tree was trying to convey some signature message to me relating to our daily lives. The prime message I imbibed was that as humans we always need to be ready for change, accept it gracefully and keep growing as a thorough individual!

” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new “~ Socrates (Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior) 

Sharing a few pictures with an attempt to analyze what direction the tress were directing me to. Next time may be I will grab my better camera, focus on nature as a whole and try to understand it’s mysterious language! I do believe that nature talks to you if you are open and receptive to recieving the covert and wise nuggets!

Have you ever experienced the same as I did? Do share your views!

Our life journey is the master to our destination, choose wisely!
Foundation of life has to be deep rooted for all the right reasons!
Ups and downs in life don’t last forever!


Awkward moments, just deal with them with a smile!
Roadblocks to your path, don’t fret!


Be in harmony with yourself, collect your thoughts, face adversity, fulfill your purpose!
The journey can be very dry and parched at times!



Admist the dryness there is a spark of lush and light!
Pick the right path, rise above the ordinary, shine through!
Grass can often be greener on the other side too!
With the right guidance we move on and stand high!
We bloom and radiate bliss!
Stand tall, believe in yourself, above all have faith!
  1. Wow Mona
    Beautiful pictures and what a path to self discovery!!!
    Very inspiring
    Keep it up
    I will try to go for a walk at 5:30 A.M. one of these days

    A good goal

  2. Yes Mona, very well written from the beginning , defining the morning and getting to see the nature in a different and philosophical way with pictures. Very thoughtful and interesting reading.

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