6:30 am, the alarm goes on in it’s most annoying musical yet supposedly harmonious tone. Really who would want to hear the so called brutal melodious rings at the crack of dawn! Alas, no choice and I get up pulling myself out from the warm fuzzy blanket. The smiling artistic golden sun is still making it’s way through, a bit cloudy, droplets swaying on the leaves, birds chirping with their morning melody but guess what my husband and kids still fast asleep, maybe the REM sleep and probably in their dream zone! Do I have a choice? Not really as I have to get the every day chores started from my daily dose of caffeine in my favorite colossal cup, showering up, lighting the diya, praying, fixing the bed the best possible way, getting breakfast ready, packing lunch, dropping our sophomore daughter to school and mind it also squeeze in my essential walk around the block!! Phew! all done in a span of one and a half hours, wonder women we ladies are for sure! Unbelievable, sometimes even I cannot imagine at what speed my brain operates to get the tasks completed! 

Having done his for years, all this took a hasty turn beginning August 2018. My daughter shared the good news that she had been selected as a peer mentor after some grilling interviews and application process in high school. My happiness went soaring up high in the sky and I said wow, that’s awesome, I am so proud of you dear! However, my expressions took a sweepy shift when she told me” Mom, I have to be in school by 6:50 am as the class is zero period, first thing in the morning”! My brain cells questioned me, wasn’t 6:30 early enough for me to get up? 

The alarm got changed to 5:30 am starting August this year, rather I have it set to 5:15 am so that I have the luxury of snoozing it before springing out of bed! Same daily routine except that I am done with my morning conventional duties one and a half hours earlier! 7:00 am and I am wow, not bad Monika, you are doing an incredible job handling the time shift, cool, isn’t it?  Believe it or not I felt it was like daylight savings shift of time, the fake jet lag feeling, remember! I asked myself, is it worth it? Yes, by all means it is, no questions about it! It’s so simple, you get up, all are sleeping, no distractions, it’s all my time, yes, my precious time! My mind is fresh with hot crisp thoughts brimming off the press with full focus and all charged up to get the job done. 

Waking up early is hard, real tough to start off with but trust me with baby steps it goes a long way. The power of the quiet serene time, catching the sunrise, setting your priorities, practicing affirmations, creating a better head space for the day ahead and above all the empowering feeling that you own the magical universe giving it a high five! Nothing can beat this prized feeling for sure as I own it fully now!

Well also I can claim that I am an early riser and strongly stand by the quote: Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it~ Richard Whatley

With all my love ~ God bless!


  1. Early bird always gets the worm. But irony of life is when kids move out and you do not have to get up early nature steps in and you rise early wheather you want or not.

  2. You nailed it hun! Good choice of words.
    As you know, I have also switched my daily routines as well! Who knew, I would actually enjoy waking up in the morning to go to work.. sigh!!??
    Anyhow, it’s a blessing and now I have gained a lot of hours in my day just by switching to waking up 3-4 hours before than I used to! It’s all worth it at the end! Your mind is more conscious & I feel like conquering the world! So, kudos to u, me & any one else who is making this conscious effort for the best! Ciao!!

  3. That is funny. I am in the same boat because I have to drop off my daughter to the subway at 6:45am. So fully understand & can relate to your dilema and the precious slep time. Well written!

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