2020 was one of the most anticipated decades for a lot of us, we all were eagerly waiting for it, however, it made its ingress with news of family members, relatives, young friends, celebrities passing away at different times. This downpour somehow does not want to cease and it seems that the black irate clouds are still spread all over the royal blue sky. News feed, whats app, emails are flooded with RIP messages for the departed souls. For how long, no one knows.The magnitude of the loss is different for everyone, the expression of emotions varies for each individual and the period of bereavement can take a very intense course as expected.

Our world is grieving the loss of lives caused by COVID-19 and just yesterday I was grief stricken by the untimely loss of two seasoned actors whose movies always left a mark on my mind. Leaving this world is inevitable, no one can escape it! It has to happen at some point no matter what, yet we are petrified and terror stricken, not knowing who would be next! Ironically when we are alive we get all tangled up in the personal dramas of life, we paint ourselves with a social mask, expect all events to revolve around us, and fail to acknowledge the small yet priceless moments gifted to us by god. Why? Do we take our life for granted? We whine we moan, we fuss around with belly aches, and above all lose value for the most prized relationships that we possess.

On a personal front, I experienced a fog in front of my eyes a few years back having encountered a bad pedestrian accident. What did it teach me, trust me a lot!

I was constantly craving for more, not very content, and wanted my plate to be overloaded with all the fine things that life can offer. Well, soon I realized that’s not how the cycle of life works. It dawned to me that arrogance is nothing but an unhealthy ego that needs major rehabilitation. I realized the main ingredients for a good life are love, genuineness, empathy, simplicity, and above all to be in sync with the purity of our soul.

Twists and turns are bound to happen, you will be subject to roller coaster rides and will be tested multiple times and that’s okay. You will be standing alone amidst chaos like a solitary pole grounded on the dark charcoal street. Again that’s okay! No need to fret or fume fire. Materialistic things or so called objects will take us only so far but where does the final path lead to? What is our final destination? Where will our journey end? What is the terminal point? Do we have answers? No, we don’t and we have to accept this universal truth gracefully. One minute we are walking around and the next minute we can make a haven in a dazzling picture frame with a bunch of eyeballs emotionally staring at us.

Folks, do not let life slip away from your hands, embrace it and stay in close touch with your zeal, with your loved ones and above all with your inner self. In the end, we all know the ultimate truth that physically we may depart but as long as our soul is clean we live forever in different bodies.

A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together, again and again, ~ Maya Angelou

Life is a game, play it hard!
Life is a challenge, accept it!
Life is an opportunity, capture it!

Think about it!


Love, peace, and blessings!





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