who am i_ (3)

Who am I
An amalgamation
Concrete and subliminal
Illusory and whimsical
Who am I
A tank full of emotions
An ocean full of love
A force beyond the sun
A force beyond the moon
A force looking beyond the horizon
A force beyond the bounds
Who am I
A dancing ballerina
Inundated in solitude
Inundated in hope
Inundated in desire
Who am I
Flawed and warped
Black and white
Confounded with shades of gray
Beyond the realm of reality
Who am I
With a numb smile
Frozen chuckles
Shattered bonds
Yet self-assured
Yet empathetic
Yet sanguine
Who am I
A soul tiptoeing
A soul yearning
A soul-seeking
A soul unearthing
Who am I
A whiff of air
A lost droplet
A stumbled rock
Who am I
Drenched in nature’s symphonies
Soaked in my own reflection
Immersed in my own flame
Igniting the fire
Smoking cinders
Ruminating and musing
In the quest
To search
Who am I
Living with a zeal
Ardently waiting
To close this chapter
With acceptance, grace, and cheer

Love, peace, and blessings!



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